Poor Maybe

Maybe is crying injustice this week because we bought her a muzzle. I know I know, cruel and unusual, but it really is for her benefit. See, we wanted to let her run around the house and/or sleep with us while we're sleeping instead of having her crated all night while we're at work and a big chunk of the day while we sleep. However, the last time I let her sleep with me, she ate my comforter, and since then there have been several pantie/sock/t-shirt eating incidents, so we decided that if she wanted to stay out, a muzzle was in order. Now, when we're ready for bed, we muzzle her.

The first few minutes are the worst I think, she wanders around the house rubbing it on stuff thinking she'll find the magic unlatch corner or something and then she sort of loses the will to live and lays down for about 2 minutes. After she realizes the drama isn't helping, she's just a very well behaved dog the rest of the night, and she gets to sleep in a soft bed and chase cats at will. See, we're not really the bad guys.

In non-dog news, Justin's done with school for the summer. His A&P teacher told him that he's the best student she's ever had and a whole handful of other great things, and he aced his final. His English teacher was a psychopath, but he still managed to get out with a B, so that worked out okay.

We're leaving in the morning after work for Amarillo. Justin's sister is graduating from dental hygienist school, so in honor of that, I am posting a picture of her cleaning Justin's teeth. :)

Yay Ashlie!!

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