Happy Mother's Day

Today was the day that new Post Secrets came out. Because of the holiday, they are all mom related. This is the one I identify with the most:

Maybe I sent in this secret and forgot...Anyway, anyone who hasn't been to Post Secret should totally make it a weekly routine. It certainly helps me feel less alone.

Now back on subject, to all my mommy friends out there, I hope you have a great Mother's Day complete with breakfast in bed someone else making dinner!!

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Terroni said...

Hey there missy! I've had some trouble navigating in Blogger (dial-up computer) while on vacation, so I had some catching up to do here.

Tell Justin congratulations on some kick ass grades. And, you both looked quite lovely in the photo (despite all the semi-formal drama).

Finally, I'm skinnier than my sister-in-law, but my mom still likes her more. The sister-in-law is cuter and sweeter than I am. I just can't beat cute and sweet. I'm going to head to Post Secret now. I've haven't seen it yet this week.