Well La Di Da

I know, I know it's been like a freakin' month since I posted last. I promise promise I'll try to do better. So we got some exciting news yesterday...we're moving! How could this be news, you ask, don't people normally plan for a move weeks or months in advance, you ask. Well, we've never been much for tradition I suppose...BAH!

I'll get to that. First here's an update on something else: As you know, Justin's sister, Ashlie, got married a little while before us and now has a lovely little girl, Nikaia. His mom called us a couple of weeks ago and told us that her husband, (Ashlies, not Justin's mom's husband anyway) we'll call him Jerkface, was being emotionally abusive and controlling and that she (Ash) didn't know what to do. Some time after that Justin talked to Ashlie and she confirmed this, but told him that she had decided to leave him and just didn't know how or when. Something like a week after that HE LEFT HER! I cannot believe that he thinks he's the one that's been wronged here. I guess though, that he saved her the trouble. But it still sucks. She is now living with her parents (and Nikaia), and seems to be pretty happy about the whole thing, but I know that it's hard and I'm sure that she's scared and hurting, even though she's putting on a totally brave face. Anyway Ashlie is a strong, smart, hot girl and I know that she's gonna make it through this. Besides she's about to be finished with dental hygiene school, which totally blows whatever Jerkface's stupid job was out of the water anyway.
So here's the real deal about our surprise move: Yesterday I checked my myspace email...I don't know why I bother, I rarely have messages there, but I digress. I had an email from my ex-brother-in-law (Les) telling me that my stepsister (D'Liesa), who we rent this house from, signed over the deed and all rights to the property to him on FEBRUARY 6, and he hopes she told us that we need to be out by the end of April!!!

Ok so here are the facts:

* It's been a full month since this dirty deal was made and until yesterday we hadn't heard a whisper about it.

*During that time we saw D'Liesa, in person at least once and I talked to her on the phone twice.

*Since Les is now in charge, our rent has gone from $300 to $176 (the cost of the actual mortgage for him, this is the one positive fact in the case).

*The rent change was effective on February 6, however we didn't know this, so we paid D'Liesa the full $300 on February 14.

*I think that means she owes us $124, but she's not even acknowledging that. She also isn't acknowledging that she might be a little bit in the wrong here. All she keeps saying is that she called multiple times and left messages for me to call her so she could tell me and I never called her back. Ok people, I have a cell phone. It tells me every call that comes in and it's not in the habit of hiding messages from me. She did not call. Not once. Which is beside the point, as I mentioned We saw her in person 2 weeks after the change!! She also could have sent an email, a comment on myspace, a letter or a freakin' carrier pigeon!! There is no excuse for this.

Did I mention that we saw her in person?

I know that we have almost two full months to get it together and find a place and move, and I also suspect that if we ask nicely, Les would let us stay 'til May when school is out and there will be more available living space, but that is not even the point. The point is that we could have had a whole extra month to plan and save look at options. It's really hard to find somewhere decent (and affordable) to live in this college town. Plus, we've been working and working to save money so that we have some cash in savings and maybe some to take a little vacation for our anniversary, and now, I'm sure we're going to have to spend a whole big bunch of it on deposits and transfers and general moving crap and then we'll be back to doing the paycheck to paycheck thing. Plus, I'm quite sure that we'll never see the cash that D'Liesa swindled from us for last months rent again. (And I KNOW that's why she didn't tell us about the change, she wanted that cash. Cow.)

Anyway, we're not opposed to moving to the Canyon area so y'all in that region keep an eye out for us....

I cannot believe I got through this whole post without cursing.

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Annabel said...

I would love it if you moved to Canyon and I'm sure Patrick and Tiffany wouldn't mind either. I'll keep an eye out on places for you. Let me know what your price range is for rent and I'll see what I can find.

BTW - The speech job at Canyon high is going to open up next year if you're interested at all.