Apologies All Around

I'd like to take this moment to say I'm sorry for the lack of posts of late. I just have been very very unmotivated to blog for the last couple of weeks. There just isn't anything happening right now that I want to post about... but here's an update anyway.

I'm working on losing weight. Again. It's an endless and uphill battle. I would trade places with Sisyphus in an instant. That said, I have lost about 4 pounds in slightly less than a month. I know it's not much, but as you'll remember, this is twice as much as my 2 pound loss resolution. And even though 4 pounds sounds paltry, check out how big 4 pounds of hamburger meat is. So there. I've lost slightly under 2 inches off my waist, but mostly it seems to be coming out of my face. No more double chins for this chica. We're taking front and side pictures once a week to document my progress, but as they are in my underwear, and I'm a fat girl, they won't be displayed here. Count your lucky stars.

We are also still waiting for an insurance reimbursement check for our glasses. (Did I mention that I got new glasses? I can't remember. Well I did. So did Justin) We've been waiting for this check since it was cut on the 8th of January. For some reason they didn't choose to mail the check until the 23rd of January... and it's not here yet. I'm pretty sure they sent it to the wrong address...Here's the thing, if we just had enough money to pay for the glasses with no hope of reimbursement why would we have the insurance?? This is ludicrous.

In other news, my family seems to be coming to pieces one at a time. My aunt fell last week and broke her (right) arm. I drove her to the Dr. yesterday to check out how well he did in surgery on Wednesday. He seems pretty pleased with his work. Don't they always?

My little niece, Hannah, who is almost 3 has been in the hospital for 3 days, (no one told me until yesterday by the way) with some sort of a bacterial infection which they can't seem to identify. All she wants is to watch Cinderella. We're buying it for her today. They know for sure that it's not StrepThroat or Appendicitis, but that's about it.

And, the icing on the cake, my younger brother, Steven, keeps passing out. It happened 3 weeks ago at church (they told me that today, clearly I'm out of the loop) and then again last night at WalMart. They took him to the emergency room last night and they couldn't find anything wrong besides the fact that his blood sugar was very low, and he was wearing about 5 layers of clothes. We're thinking maybe hypoglycemia, which is good because we were afraid initially that it might be a problem with is shunt. (He has hydrocephalus.) Hypoglycemia will be considerably easier to treat.

So that's the update. Maybe I had something to say after all...

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deb said...

Hey, I just wandered by your blog and wanted to offer some words of encouragement in your weight-loss journey - and don't kid yourself - it is a journey!

It took me over 3 months to lose 20 pounds. That's less than 7# a month - it's doable! I'm 53 (tomorrow), and it is ever so much harder to lose the weight when you're older. I'm motivated because after years of being over weight, my joints can no longer stand it, and I am in constant pain.

The pain has actually subsided a little, and now I'm on the next 20# - but it's not coming off as fast as the first. Daunting, but I'm not going to stop. I found it to be so important for me to do some aerobic exercise (biking, walking, swimming - whatever I could do) every single day. It was actually easier to do it every day, rather than every other day, because in between I would find excuses not to go on the other day. So, now, it is just a part of my day.

The other thing I do is eat 1400 cal/day - tops. It's actually portion control and eating fruit or low-cal snacks between meals so I won't ever be hungry.

The last thing I do (which is the hardest - and probably why I haven't lost the second 20#) is to not eat after 6pm. That's tuff - so if I eat, it's a veggie like celery or carrot or fruit.

Good Luck and hang in there!! -- deb