Happy New Year!

The only resolution I usually make is that I hope the new year is better than the old one. This year (2006) was much better than 2005 that is for sure, so things are looking bright and beautiful for 2007. Justin and I are working tonight so there will be no partying to ring in the new year, however we will get paid at 2 1/2 times our normal rate, which is pretty dandy.

As for a resolution just for myself... I'm going to try to lose 2 pounds. That's all I'm gonna hope for now and if it's more then that's great and if it doesn't happen by next December 31, well I'm sure I can do something just before stepping on the scale that will push me that 2 pounds. Heck, my jeans probably weigh that much right?? Here's to feeling good about yourself!

And, even though this picture was taken just before Christmas, I'm calling it our New Years Portrait because it's cute and I want to share. Sue me.

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Tiffany said...

Ya'll are very cute, Happy New Year.