An Update.

Yay, the holidays (except New Year's, which involves way less pressure) are over and with them my pre-post holiday depression seems to have gone. I got lots of good stuff this year and my parents even pulled through this time with nothing random or weird and the inevitable craft from Sussan is actually a set of cool candle holders so all is well.

Justin got me a beautiful ring that looks like a flower and has some tiny little diamonds in it to make it shiny and a bookshelf which is the only thing that I really really wanted. We put it together yesterday and got all the stuff on it and it looks really really great. When I come into the room and see it I automatically smile which is great. My brother and sister got me a Magic Bullet blender which I've wanted for like 5 years. I need to cook something using it soon but I haven't been to the grocery store yet. I got Justin clothes and he bought an X-box but I'm counting it as a Christmas present since it was quite expensive and the money is "our" money anyway. Yes, I know, this is cheating.

Here's my ring:

On the way home from work on Tuesday morning we saw a little basset hound on the side of the road in the middle of nowhere. She was wandering around sort of lost looking and I was terrified that she was going to get hit by a car so we turned around and she came to me and we brought her home. She was very soft and sweet and good in the car. She was wearing a collar with a tag, (Her name is Ellie) and I really wanted to just keep her because I kind of think that if you lose your dog on the highway you aren't taking great care of her to begin with. But Justin said that I should do the right thing so after we got home and I gave her a bath and got some food and water into her and let her play with Maybe for awhile, I called the number on her tag. They guy didn't seem all that thrilled that he was getting his dog back safe and sound so now I feel really cheated that we didn't just keep her. Even when he came to the house to get her he didn't ask where we found her or if she seemed like she was ok...he didn't even say thank you. I am not happy...but I guess you can't always choose the outcome when you do the "right thing." I just know how freaked out we would be if we lost Maybe and how happy we would be if someone brought her back to I totally don't understand that guy's ambivilance.

We are leaving next Thursday to see my mom in Bryan. I'm excited about this trip because it will be the first time in a year that we have been anywhere besides our usual haunts of Levelland/Lubbock/Amarillo. I'm not sure exactly what we will do when we get there. My mom keeps asking what we want to do, it's important to her to have a plan apparently. I'll have to check online for some ideas. Really though, I just want to get away from here for awhile.


Andrew said...

That ring is beautiful and I bet it brought joy to your heart. Justin seems like such an awesome guy and husband. I would love to have a friend like him.

Not much is going on here today. I went and ate lunch with George my treat and got caught up with the gang and what they have been doing. Now, I am being a lazy slug and just enjoying ambling around the internet reading my favorite blogs. My New Year's resolution is to take time everyday to comment upon the blogs I enjoy reading.

Take care of yourself Susan and I hope you and Justin have an enjoyable New Years.

Jonathon Andrew

Summer said...

That's such a sad story about the Ellie. Someone needs to drop her owner off on the highway.

Happy New Year to you and Justin!