Crisis Averted

OK, so as it turns out we aren't going to have to move by the end of April, unless we want to. Les (my ex-brother-in-law, as you remember) said that he didn't intend to cause trouble by letting me know about the house being switched over, and that D'Liesa had told him that we were planning to move, so April was just an arbitrary date. We can stay as long as we want to, and we will re-sign a new lease with him at some point to pay $176 for rent. (That will save us $130/month which is quite exciting.) He also told me exactly how this came to pass, which is really really interesting but I'm not going to go into it now. It's just too much to type.

It's spring break now, and Justin got his XBox back from the Microsoft repair center just in time, so he's happy. It came back really quickly, and initially we thought that it was still broken because the drawer was stuck the first time, but it seems to be working fine now, so yay for Justin!

Maybe got fixed last week and I took her yesterday to get her stitches out. Her belly is all floppy from where she was swollen and it's funny, but we're trying not to make fun of her. I'd hate for her to develop a complex or point out all of my floppy places...

Speaking of floppy places, I seem to be losing and gaining the same 3 pounds over and over. Since mid-January I've managed to lose, and keep off 6 pounds, but my birth control seems to make that pesky 3 come and go every week so I can't add it to the total yet. I've boosted my exercise though so maybe in a couple of weeks I can say "Yes! 9!" We'll see. I'm hoping to have lost enough by the end of May that we can go see my mom sometime around our anniversary. I don't want to go if I'm just going to get called fat again.

I started tanning on Thursday so I feel really happy. The extra melanin that it produces in me makes me feel soooo good. And even though I know that tanning is really NOT GOOD for my skin, it is really quite good for my depression, and I figure that if I only tan for a couple of months a year that the trade off is worth it. I don't spend any time in the actual sun anyway so I'm probably only getting the amount of exposure that a normal person gets in a day anyway.

I guess that's all for now. I feel excellent. Maybe I'll go for a walk...

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Teronni said...

Congrats on the 6 pounds! And your mother sounds like mine. I don't have weight to lose but my mother has a whole list of other "suggestions" every time I see her. I just hope I remember how crappy that feels when I have my own kid someday.
Anyway, be proud of yourself--6 pounds is awesome!