On the Ground Again

Ok so about every two years or so I sprain my ankle and end up on the ground in some inconvenient place. Apparently today was the day. I was walking to my Aunts house which is just one block over and one block down from our house, when I got to the corner where Maybe likes to go under a bush to do her puppy duty, I stepped on some uneven ground and down I went, with a terrible, gristly pop and a scream. I felt sure that instead of my usual sprain my ankle had actually broken this time. Naturally my cell phone was not working, and Justin had gone into Lubbock to pick up our paychecks. Brilliant. Luckily the across the street neighbor was pulling into his driveway so I screamed bloody hell until he came and then begged him to let me use his phone. Which he did. I called my dad so that I wouldn't have to go to the hospital in an ambulance. My father arrived on the scene and what does he do? Immediatly he uses his fancy fire department radio to call the ambulance!! Gah!! So they come and talk about how hairy my legs are,(its been winter!) and how high my blood pressure is (hello I'm on the ground in pain!) and then finally they wheel me into the ambulance. At the hospital I get Dr.Tan who is the worst doctor in the history of healthcare, who proceeds to call me fat, tell me my ankle has an ugly sprain, give me an aircast and tell me to eat my vegetables.

Maybe is also refusing to put pressure on her left leg. We cannot find a sticker and aren't entirely sure what is wrong, but hopefully it is just sympathy pain and she will be fine. She was fine when she went in her crate after her walk...We're going to watch her for a couple of days and then take her to the vet if she does not improve.

In wedding news, we called Justin's parents to tell them the new and improved wedding date, and his mom says that his cousin Rachelle is getting married the same day and someone is graduating from high school! Bah!!

Oh, and I've got my wedding dress ordered, and the outfit for the Amarillo Barbeque that will take place a couple of weeks later and serve as our shower. More on that as more is available.

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Why do you do this to yourself, sweetheart? It's not good for you.