Weddings are Hard

Yesterday Justin and I ran all over Lubbock putting together our registry. It was a lot of fun, like shopping without the money, but we are very tired. Today I got a call from the minister saying that he would be honored to perform our ceremony and do our premarital counselling so that is good.

We also priced the stuff to make invitations with, and it is dang expensive. Actually, the paper and stamps etc are pretty reasonable but the envelopes are 7 dollars for ten and we are sending out like 70 invitations. Yikes. However, I got a catalog in the mail yesterday and their website has invitations (invelopes included) for around 50 dollars so I think we will probably do that.

Justin's mom has, up until yesterday, been very calm and generally supportive and helpful about this wedding stuff, and then last night she suddenly schitzed out because we aren't having a Catholic wedding. See, the thing is, I'm not Catholic. Neither is Justin, he converted to the same semi-protestant version of Christianity sometime around high school. So yeah, there's a little trouble on that end. Hopefully she will get over it by May. She did say that she would be okay as long as the union was blessed by a priest at some you have to be Catholic for that to happen? (A little help from Jen would be appreciated here...)

Also, I'm getting really tired of my family members acting all weirded out because Justin and I will continue with our living situation, ie: seperate bedrooms, after the wedding. They just can't get it through their heads that we do not have to sleep in the same bed to have a good relationship. The sleeping thing does not affect our level of intimacy, we have a normal, healthy relationship both physically and emotionally. The 8 to 10 hours a day that we are unconcious doesn't have anything to do with it. We just are not compatible sleepers. I want to sleep diagonally on the bed with no one touching me, and Justin wants to sleep in a room where ice develops on the alarm clock at night. Easily solved by sleeping in different places right?

So anyway, that's the drama for now, more as more is available.


Patrick Goodman said...

Weddings *are* hard. You have no just gets weirder from here. :) My sweetie and I will be happy to offer advice if you're of a mind to ask.

Annabel said...

That's kind of sticky...since Justin was born and raised Catholic although he is no longer participating as a Catholic. If two people completely outside the Catholic faith marry, their wedding does not have to be blessed by a priest and it will be considered a valid marriage if it is a first for both of them. I am not certain if a priest will bless the marriage if Justin doesn't profess to still be Catholic. But a priest can bless a couple where one of them IS Catholic and the other is not. I guess if your future mother-in-law can find a priest that will bless it, then it wouldn't hurt... it's usually a very quick, private thing.