Save The Date

Well we have finally set a fairly certain date for the wedding, and today I am going dress shopping, although, really, I think we'll probably end up with a dress from online. Anyway, we're looking at May 20th. Yes, I know, it has moved up considerably since the Original October 15th date, but the thing is, no one was interested in helping plan or talking about, or even acknowledging the wedding. This came from the fact that Justin and I have lived together for 2 years so our families don't see our wedding as a big deal, which totally sucks. So, I've decided that being married is way more important to me than having a wedding anyway, and that I want to just have something small and simple as soon as reasonably possible. We're going to do it at the gazebo on the courthouse square in Levelland. We're inviting like 30 or 40 people and then we are going to go to the Japanese Steakhouse or Zookinis afterwards for dinner and cake. To be perfectly honest, I'm more excited about it now than I was about the huge fiasco in October anyway. Patrick, Tiffany and Jen, make sure that I have your addresses for an invite!!

Also, I'm thinking of this quote for the invitations, let me know what you think:

When you realize
you want to spend
the rest of your life with somebody,
you want the rest of your life
to start as soon as possible.

(From: When Harry Met Sally)

(and then of course there will be the rest of the "come to our wedding" stuff)

Any opinions?


Annabel said...

Sounds fabulous! Do what YOU want. I'll email you my address.

Patrick Goodman said...

Is excellent quote!

Let us know what goes on; we'll get you the address soon, if you don't have it already.