I am out of things to read, however, we do have cable now. Finally a life where I can always find an episode of Law and Order on no matter what time it is! Of course there's also endless hours of terrible reality TV...I wonder when this phase in American entertainment culture will pass? Soon hopefully...except for "So You Think You Can Dance?" I like that one...anyway.

It's weird to have days off on weekdays. I mean, I couldn't tell a difference these past two days because we just sat around the house and bought some groceries and had dinner at my parents, but I suspect that when we once again have a disposable income that it'll be interesting to have the mall all to ourselves and a selection of shops not open on the weekends...hmm. (By the way, how do those shops not open on the weekends stay in business? I mean...who can shop there? Besides me now...)

I'm trying to figure out how to rent a banquet room at South Plains College for the wedding...not that I need it anytime soon, but its good to be any case their website is fairly useless.

Less than one month until the new Lemony Snicket book comes out!!

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