Nerves and Frustrations

After three weeks of training, Justin and I are finally having our first real, ten hour, day at work tomorrow. I'm actually kind of nervous. I was by myself on the phones on Friday for two hours, and it wasn't that big of a deal....and I guess the only thing that could go really wrong would be for me to hang up on a 911 call or something, but I'm still nervous. Oh well, it's just one day and then we're off for two more, giving me some time to recoup. We've had a really quiet stay at home weekend. Yesterday we kind of cleaned house and watched TV and read and today we watched a move (Dangerous Beauty) and had more of the same. I had thought for sure that we'd see my parents at some point over the weekend, but aside from a couple of short phone calls that came too late to really go out we haven't heard a word. Weird. My dad thinks he'll get to see us tomorrow before we go to work, but I think that's a little unlikely as we have to be there by one o'clock and we've been lately sleeping til like 3. (Isn't that awful? I can't even justify it, I mean, sure we're working until kind of late, and getting home and getting dinner later, but not *that* late!! My bed's just been too comfortable lately.)

We're having a small problem with Sprint. My bill this month is $88. For one phone. And I have the fair and flexible plan, so even if I went over my 300 minutes, it should have only been $5 for 100 more. They say that last month we used 700 minutes. (Apparently if you go over 500 minutes on my plan it turns into 10 cents a minute) All this is well and good except that there is no way we used that much time. That's more than eleven and a half hours of phone time. I never usually even use all 300 that they give me!! So, I decided to look at the detail on my online bill (I no longer receive a paper bill). Lo and behold, since the SprintNextel merger I can no longer see my bill detail online. I don't really know what to do at this point. The bill is due on Tuesday, and I don't really want to pay so much, since I don't think I owe it...the people on the phone don't seem inclined to give me the details of every call I've made either. Very frustrating. Looks like we may have to switch companies if this keeps up...*sigh* Any suggestions?

Oh yeah, is anybody else having trouble seeing my profile picture? I can only get it to come in about half the time...know how to fix this??


momacakes said...

no photo...sorry

Patrick Goodman said...

No photo here, either. If you put it up with Hello and then cut-and-pasted the link, you might need to repost the pic. Sometimes when you change URLs, even from one blogspot URL to another, the pictures you post with Hello and BloggerBot can decide they're not going to show up.

momacakes said...

Now I see a photo! Nice one.