D is for Drama

Drama: D'Liesa, my stepsister, filed for divorce officially yesterday afternoon. It was really the only thing left to do. She found an email to the girl that her husband's been cheating on her with (since July!), that made it pretty clear that he was just waiting for a reason to leave her without her knowing that he'd had an affair. Hello, he made it pretty obvious. Idiot. Who leaves a paper trail like that? So anyway, she's putting forth a brave front, and she's got a good lawyer, so I think everything will work out for the best.

More drama: My ex boyfriend, Ryan, sent me some messages on yahoo over the weekend. He's really screwed his life up, from what I can tell, and I'm pretty glad that I'm not around for it. Not sure exactly how much of the drama I believe right now, not that he doesn't intend for it to be true...he just has a rather skewed view of reality sometimes. The good news: while a part of me worries about his general well being, I don't feel compelled to rescue him again. I'm so well adjusted!

Justin started his crossing guard job today. He says that he really likes it, and that makes me really happy. After working such shit jobs for so long, it's time he found something that doesn't make him miserable. This is also good news, because it means that while I'm going to have to spend two paychecks in a row on rent, in order to afford to go to my younger siblings graduations, we'll have his checks to cushion the blow. Thank God.

AND: SuperTarget has really good fruit. Mmh.

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Annabel said...

Who leaves a paper trail like that? My ex-husband. He was stupid enough to a. pay a call-girl for a blow job on a business trip and then b. Write a review of the experience on an adult service provider website and then c. not delete the cookies on his computer.

He also placed ads for sex while travelling on his job... found those too.

I think sometimes these men just want to get caught. Or they're still just thinking with their "other" brain.