Planes and Trains & Automobiles

So, it's been awhile, but I've been busy.

Justin and I had a *great* weekend. We went shopping Friday night, because I needed some spring clothes, (nothing fits anymore!). I got two pairs of pants, a denim skirt, some pajama pants, and six shirts. That makes eighteen possible outfit combinations, and I spent $130!! I feel quite proud indeed. Saturday, we went to the car show in Dallas, which wouldn't normally be my thing, but we always do what I want to do, so it was Justin's turn to pick. I'm so glad we went! I've decided that I want a little bigger car than I originally thought, something more like a Toyota Matrix or Pontiac Vibe or Honda Civic SI. But I also found my dream car. It's the Toyota Prius. A gas electric hybrid that gets 60mph. It's so cool. The price is between 20-25k, so it's a little more than I thought I wanted to pay, so we'll have to wait and see how much I end up with for a down payment etc.
Sunday I cleaned my bathroom. You could eat off the floor. And I got a new cool shower curtain from Target. It's clear vinyl and has a HUGE (like, as tall as me) orange tulip in the center. I put a white curtain behind it, so I felt

Anyway, that's the update. Back to work!

**Editors Note** I am not a stupid girl. I realize that when you measure gas mileage, it's mpg, not mph. The above mistake is a typo. I also know that I could have just changed it and no one would know the mistake, but Justin already commented. Ptth.


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Brinkley said...

it gets 60 mpg :)
I love you susan, you rawk!