Lots Going On

Hm. So last night I went to bed half an hour later than I needed to to get up at 6 this morning and exercise. It wasn't anyone's fault, (except mine), it's just the way it happened, and if I was less in love with getting *exactly* nine hours of sleep, I would have just dragged myself out of bed and done it anyway, but I didn't. And y'know what? I'm cranky about it. Never in my life have I been upset about not working out. I looked forward to those days at school when it was to rainy or cold or something that I didn't have gym/athletics. I think that finally, after nearly twenty four years, my body has decided that it likes exercise. That it looks forward to it even. Today I denied it the pleasure, and now I am cranky. I'm going to do it tonight. And then at 6 am tomorrow. And then every day (almost) for the rest of forever. Ha! I'm going to be so hot. (read: skinnyish) *grin*

Today, in two and a half hours, Justin has a job interview. For a really good job at Best Buy (read: not a sales or floor position). I'm so proud of him, and so excited and so...hopeful. Our lives will be so much better if he gets it...well, maybe not better, we're pretty well off in the scheme of things, but there'll be much less stress in any case.

And more good news...my friend Patrick is engaged. And to an amazing girl (from what I can tell, and I'm a pretty good judge of character usually): Tiffany. I'm so happy that I make these tinny squeaking noises and smile really big. Patrick really deserves this kind of happiness.

Also, as predicted, my dad and Sussan have decided not to come this weekend. And...he (my dad) was kind of rude to me on the phone this morning too. Hmph. The excuse this time is that it's just a regular two day weekend, and they don't think that that's enough time. So he says that they'll come next weekend, which for them, is a four day weekend. However this weekend is my long weekend. *sigh* Doesn't matter. Chances are they won't be here next weekend either. I refuse to get my hopes up again.

Justin and I are going to have fun this weekend anyway. We're going to see Into the Woods at the Campus Theatre, and hang out at the Botanic Gardens in Fort Worth. We've decided that when we get married, we want to have the ceremony and reception there, so it'll be nice to see what's blooming this time of year. I suspect it's everything.

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