General Update

So, it's Friday, and it's been five days since I posted at the begginning of the week. I haven't really had any computer time. Normally I use the computer in the courtroom at work on my lunch to post, but I've been out of the building for lunch every day this week except Monday and yesterday. Yesterday, Justin brought me a chicken salad for lunch, and I tried to eat in here, but crazy people kept coming in and wanting to go to court. Ptth. They're supposed to wait in the hall like the criminals they are! *grin*

Anyway, I've exercised every day this week, except yesterday, because yesterday was my late night at work, and I'm writing down everything I eat. It doesn't mean that I'm eating any better, but at least I'm aware. Justin's going to start taking front and side pics of me in my panties and tank top once a week, on Mondays, so that I can see my progress in the weight loss arena.

Next weekend My dad, Sussan, Stacy and Steven are coming to visit, I think. That's the plan anyway. I hope that we end up going to the Ft. Worth Zoo that Saturday. We didn't get to see the giraffes last time, and I want to.

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