But First, A Haiku

I do not want to be here.
I want to be home
in bed or on the sofa.

So, it's not a good day. The weekend was good, I got a lot of sleep and a lot of exercise, and a lot of time to cuddle Justin and watch TV and do nothing. I slept enough last night, and there was no reason for me to wake up this morning and just *not* want to come to work.

But that's what happened.

I'm cranky, and feel sort of...heavy (in spite of the fact that the past week or so of exercise seems to be paying off). AND my supervisor decided today to bring me all the work that I've made mistakes on for the past three months. hurray.

I hate feeling like I'm not good at this job. I learn quickly, and that's what everyone here is saying: "you picked up on this so fast!" So why do I have a stack of trouble on my desk? It's quite frustrating. And it's also frustrating, that I feel like they don't like me. Perhaps that part is paranoia. Perhaps.

So I confirmed (again) with my dad and Sussan today that they are indeed coming this weekend. Why all the confirmation you ask? Well, because they tend to say that they're coming, and I clean the house furiously, make all sorts of plans and get excited, only to find that on the day of, they call and cancel. This happens on a fairly regular basis.

One good thing: I found these shoes that I really really want: http://www.mbt-shoe.com/
They have lots of benefits, as you'll see on their website, and an actual podiatrist (sp?) recommended them to the news for cellulite and back/joint problems. Hm. I have all those things! The only thing is, they're kind of expensive, $234. I'm going to ask for them for my birthday, which is coming up in May, and see what happens.

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