I was in an accident yesterday. Rear ended at a redlight by a truck/trailer coming off the highway on my way back to work after lunch. It was raining and the guy just couldn't stop. It was very surreal. I heard the sound of tires squealing for a very long time and thought that it was the car ahead and to the left of me squealing against the wet pavement, and then suddenly BOOM! It was the loudest thing ever. I snapped forwards and then backwards really hard into the headrest. The back window is busted out of the car, the bumper is dented and the tailpipe is kind of chipped. I'm sure the alignment is all off, but it's only been driven a couple of blocks since the accident, and Justin did that driving when he came to get me, so I'm not sure. My whole body hurts, particularly my back, neck, abdomen, and, for some inexplicable reason, my left knee in particular. The accident could have been much worse, and, since it was a company truck/trailer the insurance is paying for everything I need. Going to get an estimate on the vehicle and my body tomorrow. My boss says not to come to work until I see a doctor and I'm not hurting anymore. I have thirty hours of vacation time built up, thank goodness. I'm going to go back on Friday, or tomorrow afternoon, depending on how long it takes at the mechanic/glass place and the dr. On top of the ouch factor, I also feel really really tired. I think it's because pain uses a lot of energy. Ugh.

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momacakes said...

I hope that you get to feeling better quickly.