It's Back to Work We Go

I'm back at work today, well...officially I'm at lunch right now, but the insurance adjuster is doing his thing with the car, so I'm staying in the building insted of going home. Thank goodness the day is more than half done. My body is killing me. If I stand too long, it hurts. If I sit too long, it hurts. If I get up and down too much, it hurts in a different place. This must be what it feels like to be old. Perhaps experiencing it this time will let me aviod the aches in the future? Doubtful. I got my first paycheck from this job on Friday. Actually, half of it was from the library, so it's not as big as the next ones will be, but it was more than usual. However, I had to catch up on some things, and pay rent so now I'm down to 56cents. Fabulous. We've raided both apartments looking for things that could create enough meals for the next two weeks and have come up decidedly short. However, there was a bag of pinto beans and a ham bone, so we cooked a million beans and are looking forward to being *great* company for the next few days. At least it's amusing. There's also stove top stuffing, endless rice, some canned vegitables and a couple packages of ramen. If I lose weight, perhaps we'll stick to this regime. Eleven and a half more days til I have money again...the countdown begins.

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