My Hero: The Chiropractor

Yesterday when I got off work, I felt like if I moved just so, that my joints would come unhinged and I'd fall to bits like those toy donkeys that collapse when you push the button under their feet. Then I visited Dr. Noell. The man can do anything. I've never felt so much relief of such bad pain in one visit before. When I got home it was like being a new person. He even adjusted my jaw, with this strange metal thing that looks like an old fashioned syringe, and makes a loud noise. We (Justin and I) also got to look at my X-rays which was cool. It's sort of freeing to actually see what's causing the hurt. Whiplash, for sure the curve of my neck is...not curved. I have to tilt my head all the way back to make it the shape that it's supposed to be in when I hold my head up. Freaky. My pelvis is also tilted strangely. I'd like a copy of the pictures. It could be before and after. Like a Glamour makeover!

I'm on my lunch hour again today, eating sweettarts and water. I forgot to grab anything this morning when leaving the house and this is what I could rummage out of my desk. Not too bad, but it could be much better. I'm dying for Indian food...or sushi. Ten more days.

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