Thank Goodness.

Because of a little innovative thinking, we were able to scrape together some cash and go to the grocery store last night. It's so nice to know I won't have to eat beans and rice when I go home. And right now for lunch: cucumber slices and salt...mmm! Had a small fight with Justin this morning. I was reminding him of the things that he needs to try and do today while I'm at work, so he wouldn't forget something important and he got all wounded. He says it's because he just woke up and felt like I was giving him "orders." None of the information was new information. It's not like I was asking him to clean the house or scrub the bathtub. Sometimes he's so sensitive...and I'm not very accomadating to that. I'm going to try and be nicer. I guess my tone might have been a little brisk. I was just in a hurry, didn't mean to be naggy. Oh well. It'll be okay. I'll use the massager on his back tonight.

Patrick, will you tell me soon how to post a list of what I read on this site?

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Patrick Goodman said...

Of course I will. :)