Meet Nancy Upton

She's the size 12 model who won American Apparel's "plus size" (XL) modeling contest. But they didn't like her, and so chose a non-winner instead. 'Cause they're jerkfaces. She also has a blog. Which is awesome.

Here, read this excerpt, and then go read the rest.

In case you don’t know her,
let me introduce you to the modern lady liberty:

The average American woman
makes less than 30 grand a year,
masturbates at least twice a week - at least! -
has a crush on George Cloony, Johnny Depp, or that guy from Mad Men,
believes in gay marriage and the right to choose what happens in their nuclear reactors,
and doesn’t believe in prayer to save us now.
And while we can say
that we love the size of our breasts
and that we are comfortable naked,
even with the lights on-
on any given day in the United States,
approximately half of the women are on a diet.


Shannon Chamberlain said...

She's really beautiful. I think she dodged a bullet here, though: American Apparel offers, hands down, the most dirty hipster skankalicious clothes I've ever seen.

Susanlee said...

I agree, and really, she that the right word? for the part as a joke, because they're ad for it said, basically, "Hey fat girls! Put down that hamburger, we're throwing you a bone, with our new size XL pants!" So she sent them a pile of pics of herself -eating- as sort of a protest...and won. Which pissed them off.

Also, I can't believe yous said skankalicious. You're so fun.

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