A Distinct Lack of Cheer

It's the Island of Misfit Toys around here right now. In the few days remaining before the end of the year,we have to find a new place to live. In the spirit of Christmas, we're being evicted. Clearly someone has mistaken me for a pregnant virgin, and is under the impression that it would be best for me to bunk in a stable for awhile.

It's possible that we've found a place. We applied, and paid an application fee, but there seem to be some problems. I'm trying to be optimistic, but it's getting more difficult, what with the time crunch and all. At this point, I'm just hoping that we don't have to move in with my parents for any amount of time. I actually seem to be in a bit of denial about the whole thing. I know that I should be packing, but I can't wrap my mind around it. I don't know if I even remember how to pack and move. -sigh-

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