Plumbing Problems

Saturday night all the sinks, tubs and toilets in our house started filling up with sewage. In Justin's bathroom, the things actually overflowed onto the floor, and it was a horrible, horrible night. We had to go next door to my parents' house for everything water-related, and we're just lucky that they lived close enough for us to do that. The landlord sent a plumber out on Sunday, but they weren't able to finish, so they sent someone out again on Monday, and they left before I got up for work, so I'm assuming that they're done. I hope so. We've had plumbing problems in this house before, but never something so extreme. It was like being in one of those cheesy old horror movies in which the monster comes out of the toilet. I'm a bit wary, even now, going into the bathroom without turning on the light first. The good news is that I hadn't finished unpacking my suitcase from my recent trip to California, so it had not resumed it's normal place in my bathroom shower (which we use for storage). There would be no salvaging it had it been in there, soaking in sludge.

I just realized that this is a terrible post. Whatever, I'm posting it anyway.


Terroni said...


I have no other words.

The stupid, dirty boys who live above me have a mouse problem. Occasionally, it becomes my problem, too. Don't get me started on how just much that grosses me out...

Amanda said...

I second that ew!

But sadly, we are having plumbing problems too! Not to that extreme (yet!!) Ugh. We need to call the plumber.

Kurt Verdejo @ Total Plumbing, Inc. said...

That's so terrible! Not being able to use your bathroom because of some plumbing issues is really bad news. What caused the problem, by the way? Did the plumber sent by your landlord able to fix the problem?