Happy Birthday Shannon!

Today is my friend Shannon's birthday! She's lucky enough to live in beautiful California so there are a bevy of options for her birthday celebration.

She's unlucky enough to be celebrating he birthday while her in-laws are in town, which might cancel out much of the potential fun. I did hear a rumor that she's got red velvet cupcakes, so all is not lost.

Shannon is the smartest person I know. She went to Harvard, is now at Berkeley and has a pile of languages. She also has fabulous taste in shoes (and manages to walk around in them gracefully even though they eat her feet). AND she's not afraid to wear hats, which I love.
See that girls? Hats are versatile and flattering. Go buy some!

Shannon knows me as well or better as anyone else in the world. Shannon works all the time and is really good at what she does. (Even though about half the time she doesn't believe it), but she still manages to be there for me and totally supportive when I need her. She also never lets me be whiny or feel sorry for myself for too long. The girl is full of solutions. She started my addiction to Buffy, sent me a pile of treats that I couldn't get at the grocery store here, and decorated a room in her house for me to stay in when I visit. (Other people get to stay there too, but we all know it's my room.)

I love you Shannon, and I hope you're having a good time today, you totally deserve it. Eat a cupcake for me! (Cupcakes eaten on my behalf have no calories!)

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Amanda said...

aww! happy Birthday Shannon! I love those pictures of her! Seems like a great friend! :)