Guy Gonna Do Stuff

Justin is in the kitchen doing dishes (yes, I know, I'm very lucky). There are a lot of dishes to do. I haven't really been able to motivate myself to get in there and do any of them, primarily because the battery in my ipod was dead (it lives again). So anyway, a huge pile of dishes to do. With that in mind, why does he keep coming in here doing other things, like repairing the handle of my frying pan (totally was not broken) and shaking out the silverware drawer? (He says the drawer was dirty.) Is it possible that he's giving himself extra chores so that he doesn't have to wash the dishes? Or perhaps the act of doing dishes inspired some kind of CLEAN EVERYTHING mood. I do that sometimes. I think that I'll just straighten up the living room and then suddenly I'm elbow deep in bathroom scrub. In any case, Justin's frenzy is making me feel guilty for not helping. Although not guilty enough to go help. Yet.

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