Fools and Faces

Justin and I have officially called an April Fool's Day truce, but I'd still like to get him. The problem is, I don't have any ideas, so if you've got some, tell me what they are. There's only 10 hours left!!!
In other news, I've been using Kiss My Face olive oil soap for about 10 years. It's been the only thing that has consistently kept me from breaking out and having dry, flaky skin. Plus, there's the added bonus of it's very catchy name. Anyway, I've run out of my stash and nobody in this area carries it. I toyed with the idea of buying some online, where it's still readily available, but you know how much I like instant gratification. Yesterday I went to Ulta, armed with my handy dandy coupon and looked for a replacement. If you know me, you know that I never spend very much money on cosmetics/toiletries/nail polish. I can't ever justify to myself spending more than about $6 on things like that, but yesterday (possibly because of my unstable, impulsive condition) I decided that for something that I'm going to use every day, that's going to last me several months, it's maybe not such a bad idea to spend a little extra money. I bought this:It's Alba coconut milk facial wash. It promises to be gentle to sensitive skin and not cause dry, itchy patches. Excellent. I haven't showered yet today, so we'll see, but I'm hopeful. The stuff cost $13 (Four times the cost of my Kiss My Face), but I figure this bottle will last about 3 months. That's only about 15 cents a day, I'm worth at least that right? Plus, look at how pretty it is!


Tiffany said...

we have kiss my face several places up

Audrey said...

I have terribly sensitive skin too and really love the Alba stuff. I haven't gotten a breakout from it, hopefully you won't either. I was looking at the Kiss My Face soap and stumbled upon your blog. It looks really good, I might have to read more of it. Anyway. good luck!


Terroni said...

I love Kiss My Face stuff. Although, honestly, I often use plain old white Dial bar soap on my face. It doesn't get much harsher than that, eh? But, after spending all day at the hospital, I prefer antibacterial suds, head to toe.