Adopting the Stacy Attitude

In the picture to the right is my younger sister, Stacy. She's famous among our family members for her 'I don't care' attitude. You confront her about something that embarrasses her, for example, the one time she got lunch detention in high school, and she says "I don't care." You tell her she can't go somewhere or do something that she's been wanting to she says "so" with such confident belligerence that you don't dare bother her with it again. You tell her she's got a stain on her shirt, that her pants are too big or that she's having a bad hair day, and she brushes it off with a snappy "whatever."

It's remarkable, really, and I've decided to dive right in. I'm joining the party and adopting the Stacy Attitude. It will be awesome. Think about it, your best friend is mad at you for no good reason? Whatever. You can't find anything decent to wear because you're bloated, it's 7am, it's freezing and you only got 3 hours of sleep the previous night? Oh well. The wind is blowing 70 miles per hour, filled with dirt and making your head feel like it's going to explode? Just throw in a nice 'I don't care.' I suspect that this will come with a great sense of freedom. I can't wait to experience the relief that must come with just not giving a damn about anything. This is very exciting.

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Anonymous said...

That's funny, she sounds like a grouch.