I've been out of some much-needed mood stabilizing medication for several days now (don't worry, it's on it's way). This lack of pills happens to have come at the same time as the drop in hormones that occurs monthly when I am on the "off" week of my birth control, and it's not pretty people. I'm edgy and cranky and super emotional. I have the urge to pierce things, cut my hair off and yell at people until they run away. I've tried to keep my contact with people to a minimum, except poor Justin, who has to live with me. So far, just today, I cried in the grocery store, threw a Nerf ball at Justin's head (missed) and called the dogs nasty sheep. I'm hoping that posting these atrocities here will help me feel that I've vented (and repented) a bit and prevent any sort of bigger meltdown. At the very least maybe it will keep me from piercing my tongue and cutting myself a Velma Kelly bob (both of which sound like excellent ideas right now), until I'm happily popping pills again.


Terroni said...

Don't pierce your tongue...the swelling will far outlast this crappy mood.

Hang in there, friend.

Brinkley said...

For the record, I enjoy Velma Kelly bob haircuts :)