Biker Gang

With our (small, unexpected) tax refund Justin and I got bicycles. They are beach cruisers (as opposed to sport/mountain bikes) and they look like this:

Mine is the pink one, natch. Justin's has a bell, and I'm super jealous of it, but I'm getting a basket for mine, which is even better than a bell. I was terrified about getting the bikes. The last time I rode one, I was in high school and there was an unfortunate accident with my hand getting stuck in the spokes of the front wheel. I have no idea how it happened, as it was so horrible that I've blocked it out of my memory completely, but there was blood. Looking at the bikes now, I can't even put together the physics of getting my hand in there, but whatever. I have witnesses.

I also wasn't sure if I remembered how to ride at all. It's not really something that ever came naturally to me and I know that it took my dad months of trying to teach me how to ride the first time. However, the old saying proved true and after getting the seat and handlebars arranged correctly, it all came back. So far I've only almost fallen once and I'm not even embarrassed to be seen riding it, which was a major fear. I love it. Love, love, love. I can't wait until I'm in good enough shape to actually ride it places. (As opposed to only being able to ride it around the neighborhood.) Also, I've discovered that Levelland is a hill. That's right people, the town named for it's extreme flatness, Level-land, is actually on a hill. From our house to downtown is uphill. If you stand at the end of the block and look North, you can see all three stoplights (stop laughing city folk! There aren't only three lights, just three on that street!) stacked nicely on top of one another. Who knew? Obviously not the town founders. Anyway, it's much harder to ride North on our street than it is to ride South. (It's much scarrier to ride South though, because that's where the drug dealers live.) Unfortunately, everything good is North. Oh well, I'll get there eventually. Here are some more bike pics!

Justin with his fancy blue bike.

Me with my girly pink bike.

My dad testing out Justin's bike. My whole family wants bikes now.

And now on to some non-bike pictures. Tonight was my neice, Hannah's, second tee-ball game. Doesn't she look super cute in her uniform? They're all serious about it now, look at those real baseball pants! When I played softball (oh the horror!) we had t-shirts and athletic shorts.

That's my nephew, Hunter, otherwise known as her biggest fan, beside her.

This is my sister, D'Liesa, pregnant with the player to be named later. (Actually, I think they're calling her Grace.) She's totally going to kill me for posting this, but I think it's cute!

Finally, this is my parents' cat, Patches. He's busy being terrified that someone's going to steal his box of Nerds. I'm with him on that, there are never enough Nerds to go around.


Anonymous said...

Bikes are fun, is your husband worried his will break? Looks like a nice family! I love the cat with the nerds, she has good taste!

☆Susan☆ said...

At first, he always worried that it would break, and I worried about mine too, but they've done really well. He's learned how to make the adjustments to avoid breakage, the only thing to worry about now is possible wheel trouble, but wheels are cheap to replace/fix.