25 Random Things

I was tagged with this on Facebook, but it was an awful lot of work to just post it there, so I'm posting it here and not tagging anyone specific.
  1. I love fairy tales, but only the ones that are kind of dark or sad. (Which is most of them, before Disney gets to them.)

  2. I really want a big dog, like a French mastiff, but I worry that it would hurt Marlowe.

  3. I watch House like it's a game show, trying to figure out if I can guess the diagnosis first. Sometimes, I win.

  4. I wear flip-flops all year, even during the winter when my toes turn blue because I think feet should look like feet.

  5. I sing myself to sleep every night.

  6. I always cry in the shower, even when I'm not feeling sad. If I don't cry, I don't feel clean when I get out.

  7. If a song doesn't make me feel happy enough to dance around or sad enough to cry, I don't like it.

  8. My dad dressed in a clown costume and pulled me in a wagon in a parade when I was 18 months old. A picture of it was in the paper.

  9. I know the entire script of Annie by heart, including all the lyrics to every song and every line by every character.

  10. I don't feel like college prepared me, in any way, for an actual career, even though the places that hire me think that I'm qualified.

  11. I seriously hate Jello, especially the green, yellow and orange flavors.

  12. The first nickname I've ever had was from Justin. He calls me Bumblebee.

  13. Speaking of Justin, we have a secret handshake that we do every night before bed, even when we're not together.

  14. The best haircuts I've ever had were ones that I gave myself.

  15. When I talk on the phone with my mother, even if it's not a serious conversation, I get really stressed out and pace around the house like a crazy person.

  16. I am comfortable with the fact that I don't want kids, but it still hurts my feelings when people get offended if I mention it.

  17. I love pictures (paintings or photographs) of trees, especially if they're silhouettes.

  18. About once a month I always crave something disgusting like those little wax soda bottles filled with kool-aid or Cadbury crème eggs.

  19. The meanest thing my dad ever did to me was throw my hot pink crayon out the car window on a road trip, but he doesn't remember doing it.

  20. I love Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events, and I'm a total Snicket pusher. READ THEM.

  21. My favorite food is strawberry shortcake, Texas style, with angel food cake, not sugar biscuits.

  22. When I was a little girl, I always prayed at bedtime that my bicycle would turn into a unicorn before I woke up.

  23. I think all flowers should be yellow, white, orange or green.

  24. Every time I go anywhere (grocery store, restaurants, clothing shops) for something specific, they are out of whatever it is that I left the house for.

  25. I'm a nice girl. I don't like it, and I always wish that I could be one of the cool mean girls, but it never works out that way.


Terroni said...

I finally succumbed to the peer pressure and did this one on facebook, too.

Whitney said...

You are so funny! I'm glad you did this too, and yes, I'd love for you to tell me why!

BloggingMatilda said...

i totally did this on Facebook too! Your answers are way more interesting though! :)