Year in Review

In 2008 I...
Lost a dear family friend.
Lost my grandmother.
Survived the worst bout of depression of my entire life.
Adopted the sweet and adorable Marlowe.
Got my first ipod.
Became totally addicted to the ipod.
Went to Albuquerque.
Learned to apply makeup correctly.
Threw water balloons with Justin.
Celebrated my 27th birthday.
Celebrated my 2nd wedding anniversary.
Battled with health insurance.
Went to Seattle.
Saw a burlesque show.
Became a ChaCha guide.
Bought the first swimsuit I've ever looked good in.
Lost 30 pounds.
Finally started to enjoy exercise. Even if it's still not my favorite thing.
Quit a job that I hated.
Spent a month in California.
Carved my first recognizable picture into a pumpkin.
Voted for a president that actually won.
Stood on a street corner and waved a sign for marriage equality.
Started Grace in Small Things.
Started substituting.
Surprisingly, loved substituting.
Learned to crochet.
Learned to knit (sort of).
Found pieces of my personality that I thought I'd lost.
Learned to cook a few good things.
Sold my first freelance article.
Posted 195 blog entries.
And for the first time in my personal history, I went an entire year without spraining my ankle.

G.I.S.T. 37:365

1. Surviving a tough year.
2. Enjoying large parts of a tough year.
3. The smell of roast cooking.
4. Frosted Mini-wheats.

Wage a battle against embitterment and take part in 365 Days of Grace in Small Things.


Terroni said...

Susan, I LOVE the new design!

Welcome to my blog. said...

Thanks! I've been waiting and waiting until December was over to post it. I figured today was close enough. :)

Terroni said...

I'm thinking of doing a "Best comments of 2008" review post tonight. We'll see if I get around to it...

Annabel said...

Great list. Thanks for sharing. I've been enjoying reading your GIST posts. You have had an eventful year, but congrats on no sprained ankles!
Are you interested in judging at our tournament again in January?
We also need judges for NFL district in February. If you're available the entire time, you're guaranteed $150, otherwise I think you can get $10 per round judged. Let me know if you're interested.

Brinkley said...

Woo Hoo! We made it, it was a tough year. I love you Bee!