I got these beautiful (and tiny, about the size of an egg) Forelle pears at the grocery store yesterday. Don't they look like something out of a fairy tale? The picture totally doesn't do them justice.

I found an old camera that my mother gave me at some point to replace my broken one until we can get a new one. It's actually better than the one I was using (which I didn't realize when I stuffed it in a drawer), but it doesn't fit in my pocket like the other one did. Oh well, it works for now, anyway.

I spent the day cleaning my house (after spending yesterday cleaning at my aunt's), and it feels so good for it to be all clean and sparkling. I also did 5 loads of laundry (Yay, clothes!) and cleaned out my closet (Yay, a place to put the clothes!). So, overall, it's beena pretty good day. I'm super exhausted now and insanely sore, but at least I'll sleep well tonight.

G.I.S.T. 36:365

1. Beautiful pears (also, tangelos and apples).

2. A replacement camera. (Amanda, I promise I'll post pictures of my knitting and crochet tomorrow.)

3. A clean house.

4. Seeing the bright side of an aching back and hands raw from dishwashing. (Good sleep!)

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Terroni said...

I'm jealous of your productivity. (Just not jealous enough to get off of my ass and accomplish anything.)