This Hurts My Feelings

I love snails. I love the slimy little trail they leave on my skin. I love the little antennae that poke in and out of their heads, I love their swirly shells...and so this picture hurts my feelings:

And now I'm worried about whether the snails survive the winter. Do they go underground or something? If you know, will you tell me? Also, does anyone know if the salt on my skin hurts them when they move across it?

And, before I forget. G.I.S.T. 15:365

1. Snails.

2. The feeling I got when they called me to sub today, even though I couldn't go.

3. My shiny new badge.

4. Hot Tampico punch. It feels so good on my sore throat.

1 comment:

Amanda said...

first of all, I hate snails. They creep me out. But, I love that you love them because then I feel like at least someone does love them and now I definitely don't have to. But secondly, I love that picture of you!! It's SO adorable!!