I got called to sub this morning, but they hadn't given me my badge yet, and I seem to be coming down with something that looks an awful lot like strep throat so I couldn't do it. However, I was able to go get my badge, so when they call again, I'll be able to work! Unless, you know, I die of strep.


Amanda said...

snazzy badge Susan! You would think they would move Levelland ISD down some so it wouldn't be punched out!! That's a good picture! My badge is yuck!

:( no good having strep friend!! stay in and be well!

Whitney said...

Did you ever dream you'd have a badge that says Levelland ISD? Wow! That is so cool, and makes me totally homesick for Levelland. I really do miss it!

Terroni said...

I'm pretty sure that the last time a person your age died of strep was like 1847.

Which is to say, get well soon.

Amanda said...

I knew they'd call! :)
Just wait for all the germs you'll be exposed to once you finally get into the classroom...yuck!
I hope you feel better soon!