Because Newkuler Sounds So Much Better...

The right wing is all puffed up because Barack Obama pronounces Pakistan correctly (Pock-i-stahn, not Pack-is-tan). Apparently, it's elitist to get it right. I'm sure they would really love it if the entire world would embrace Sarah Palin's "folksy-ness."

Here's the article. Personally, I'm really looking forward to a president that doesn't sound like a hayseed. I don't want the leader of the free world to be folksy! If that's what I was looking for, I'd have joined 4-H! Furthermore, I know plenty of "Joe 6-packs," and I wouldn't leave them in charge of my dog, certainly not the economy. The president isn't supposed to be just like everybody else, he's supposed to know MORE than us, or at least be smart enough to hire people who do!

Anyway, I think this comment is really funny:

"Since the Packistanees have newkuler weapons of mass destruction, I think it's a good foreign policy initiative to pronounce the name correctly."

PS: Did anyone in the world miss John McCain calling us "my fellow prisoners" yesterday? Clarity and candor, indeed.

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Terroni said...

Funny...when he said Pakistan the other night in the debate, I said to Graci, "Finally! Someone who knows how to pronounce the name of that country!"

But then, I've never really been turned on by stupid.