When I was a little girl, every night I wished as hard as I could that my bicycle would turn into a unicorn. Apparently some little Italian girl has been wishing the same thing, and she's better at it.:

'Unicorn' deer is found in Italian preserve

By Marta Falconi

ROME - A deer with a single horn in the center of its head — much like the fabled, mythical unicorn — has been spotted in a nature preserve in Italy, park officials said Wednesday.

"This is fantasy becoming reality," Gilberto Tozzi, director of the Center of Natural Sciences in Prato, told The Associated Press. "The unicorn has always been a mythological animal."

The 1-year-old Roe Deer — nicknamed "Unicorn" — was born in captivity in the research center's park in the Tuscan town of Prato, near Florence, Tozzi said.

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Tiffany said...

Bronte was tryong to talk her father and me into buying her some "oonihorn" stuffed animals at barnes and noble this weekend. She had two unicorns and a "inosour" ready to go home. She traded them for a book. but she said she wanted then "ater, K,"