Cats & Dogs

Any apprehension that I felt at taking in the kittens has totally disappeared. They haven't caused any real trouble and there are few things as pleasant as falling asleep with a soft, rumbly kitten smashed against your neck. They also clearly understand that their jobs include catching bugs and keeping the dogs constantly entertained. I'm watching Marlowe and Gatsby play at the other end of the sofa. The game goes something like this:

1. G sticks his paw in M's mouth.
2. M looks confused and then s l o w l y closes his mouth around the intruding paw.
3. G yelps like he's been set on fire.
4. M jerks away and looks around to see if he's been caught doing something wrong.
5. G sticks his paw in M's mouth.

They've been doing this for about half an hour. Occasionally Maybe (who thinks the kittens are her babies) tries to intervene and save Gatsby, but each time she's run to the rescue, her reward has been a pretty nasty bite to the ear. Gatsby obviously isn't interested in being rescued.

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