Unfortunate, But True

The blogger for The Economist says:

"I’ve realized that covering Mrs Clinton's campaign without explicitly stating that it has turned into a win-at-all-costs operation fueled by phony outrage, hypocritical proclamations and absurd notions of who is electable and who is not is an exercise in deliberate deception, and I can't do that.

Perhaps it is because Mrs Clinton is the underdog that the tone of her campaign is so different from Mr Obama’s....Most of the time she simply looks like a caricature of the voters she’s trying to lure. And when it comes down to policy, there are simply not enough big differences between the two candidates to allow her to catch up. So she must make Mr Obama look unelectable. She must go negative. And she has.

This is no longer a campaign based on ideas. It is a campaign focused on tearing down Mr Obama. We all know that’s her only shot at the nomination. I’m tired of pretending otherwise."

At the beginning of this campaign I was a supporter of Senator Clinton, I was even okay when she started to display, openly, her win at all costs attitude. I generally believe that someone who wants something more than anything and no matter what, tends to take it more seriously when the goal is attained. I want our next President to have really wanted to win. I don't even mind the nastiness, that's just politics. Hillary lost my vote when she got whiny about it. When she started saying that the Obama camp's tactics were unfair and more importantly when she said that the vote's don't really matter and that we should leave it all up to super delegates. I hate that sort of fit throwing, and I don't like the recent attempts to morph into a member of whatever group she's speaking to at the moment. This sort of behavior just makes me want to scream "remember who you are woman!" I understand her desperation, but I don't like it.


Shannon Chamberlain said...

I've seen it for awhile now as the death throes of someone who felt she was entitled to office and now finds herself deprived of it. It's the other side of the Nietszchean coin: the personality that emerges when someone with the will to power loses the power part.

As irrational as it is, I would have liked to see a woman president, especially after all the comments back in the nineties about how she wasn't a real woman because she worked and wasn't a real mother because she only had one kid.

Amanda said...

I know. Sometimes she does seem like she feels totally out of control so she has to grasp for anything.