Two posts in one day? Aren't you the lucky ones? Justin and I had planned to go to Amarillo today for his dad's birthday, but things fell through, and in spite of our best efforts, we are still at home. We did, however, make the best of things by filling up a bowl with water balloons and playing catch with them, and then just throwing them at each other... and then at the end, Justin threw one at himself. It was super fun, (not to mention incredibly cheap entertainment) and I think Justin is feeling better about our canceled plans.

It's fun to play catch games with Justin because, no matter what the object being "caught" is Justin behaves as if it's a live grenade. He covers his face and dodges it with his body, and catches it out beside him as if he's afraid that at any moment it could explode. It's true that with the water balloons, this might be a concern, but he behaves the same way with the Nerf football, which, as far as I can tell, is quite sturdy. He also makes noises, which I can't quite describe here, but sound somewhat like the sound I make when I slip in the shower...

[Editors Note: I just read Justin this post and he said "you made me sound like a weenie! I'm a big boy and I can catch a football!!" I find the fact that in defending his manliness he refers to himself as a "big boy" to be the most hilarious thing ever. I would also like to add that yesterday, at a restaurant, he dropped a roll on the floor and then ate it. I think that's more than enough machismo to make up for the water balloon flinching.]


Andrew said...

I got the biggest smile out of Justin's retort to you. I've eaten a roll that's fallen on the floor, too! We are real men! *pounds chest* I'm glad you two have each other. We need to get Justin to blog regularly as well! Sleep tight tonight.

PS--It was awesome to find two posts from you in Google Reader tonight!

Anonymous said...

water balloon catch! and i totally know what you mean about my brother and catching things, which made reading this very funny. and it made me miss ya'll more. :-( better luck next time.