In Like a Lion

Yesterday afternoon it was sunny and warm, and really lovely, exactly the way March should be. When I looked out the window at around 5:00 the sky was sort of split down the middle. Blue to the South, scary dark gray to the North, but what's a little spring storm? The thunder helps me sleep. When we left for work at midnight, the wind was howling and blowing and seriously scary, making it super hard to drive, but this is West Texas, we're used to that bad behavior in our weather. Now, it's snowing. A lot. *scowl*

The news on the radio this morning said, 28 degrees, blowing snow, sunny and warm this afternoon. Mother Nature is obviously in menopause.

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Terroni said...

howling and seriously scary...sounds a bit like my own mother's menopause.

(by the way, i expect my friends to beat the shit out of me with anti-depressants when i go through that)