Happy Easter

It snowed this morning, we almost always get our last snow of the year on Easter, so this isn't unusual, but I am hoping that it really is the last snow. I'm tired of cold.

So, anyway, Easter. This isn't really a big holiday for me, it stopped being an exciting day right around the time that I stopped getting an Easter dress, but I do feel like I should post something...When I was a little girl, my grandmother had a little brass basket filled with marble eggs in different colors. They were really beautiful, red and blue and orange and green, I think maybe 7 or 10 of them, and my cousin, Jenny, and I used to hide and hunt them around the house. It didn't have to be Easter for us to do this, but I'm sure that it was probably Easter the first time we did it, and it always felt like Easter when the eggs came out. I've been thinking about those eggs today, remembering their weight and coolness, remembering how my grandmother always acted surprised and proud when we had found all the eggs. It's been just over 10 years since my grandmother died, but something reminds me of her every day, and today, I'm wishing that I had one of those eggs.


Andrew said...

My mom had some glass eggs like that when I was a small child. This post brought back memories of us playing with them. Happy Easter!

Terroni said...

This post is perfect, Susan.