Into the Woods and Other Stuff

I've been singing this for two days...

I wish

More than anything
More than jewels

I wish
More than life
More than anything
More than the moon...


Careful the wish you make
Wishes come true,
Not free.

Gotta love Sondheim.

Yesterday was Justin's birthday. I got him a book and a cake and we went to dinner at this great little Chinese restaurant with a friend. (Hi Brooks!) Overall it was a pretty fun day, and his parents even remembered to call (which doesn't always happen). We are the same age for the next 3 months. When I was a little girl, I was always really excited when my cousin Jenny and I got to be the same age for a few weeks, but I don't really know why that was important to me. Unfortunately, that feeling seems to have carried over into my adult life, and it makes me feel silly.

Marlowe is fantastic, just the cutest thing ever, and he is almost fully housebroken now. I think he might also have learned the word "no," and that's always a bonus. I feel super lucky that we got a fast learner. Next week, puppy shots!


Terroni said...

Happy Birthday, Justin!

Annabel said...

I was in the musical for a local theatre group a few years ago. Now Josh's high school is doing the play version and he is playing the role of Jack. I love that musical and have the entire CD memorized.