I am so bored.

I've finished the book I was reading, and the new one hasn't arrived from Amazon yet. I've lost interest in TV, the puppy and Justin are both sleeping. The house is clean, and I've done the grocery shopping. I've Googled everyone I've ever known, and now I'm posting here for lack of anything better to do. Because I've got to work tonight, I should probably be sleeping, but I stupidly slept late this morning, so I'm not tired at all.

The wind is blowing super hard, and it's filled with dirt. Going outside is not an option. While I was at the grocery store, I saw a run-away cart caught by the wind crash into a woman and actually knock her down. She wasn't a little old lady or anything either, so it was scary to see her run over like that. (Ok, maybe it would have been scarier if she was a little old lady...probably an ambulance involved if that was the case.)

Alright. I'm completely out of things to say. Later.


Terroni said...

what did you just read?

Susan said...

I was reading The Stolen Child by Keith Donohue. It's about a changeling and the boy that he switches places with. Really good, and very sad, which I like.