Sorry it Took So Long

I'm finally posting pictures from my trip to San Diego. This will have to be quick because Justin has the flu and I am taking him to the doctor in about an hour...This is my friend Shannon with me after dinner one night. We were wandering around the winery in an area where I guess they have weddings and trying to teach her husband, Matthew, to dance. Me and Matthew (Shannon's husband, my friend) at the zoo. Me at the zoo, koala in the background.At the San Diego zoo, they do this thing called "enrichment" where they provoke the animals into thinking and not getting stuck in some sort of routine. It's really just animal torture, sort of. Here's an example. Koalas really just want to sleep for 20 hours a day and eat eucalyptus and be left alone. Occasionally, they grab the koalas out of their cozy trees, and take them to another koala's tree. It really stresses them out and they have to then mark the tree with their scent all over, and it looks like this:We were lucky to be there on enrichment day though, because otherwise, we would never get to see a koala move around this much. It was really really cute!

And now for a string of pictures of various apes:
We were able to get so close to the gorillas, just a glass partition between us. It was amazing. The next trip, we're going to the wild animal park, where we will actually be able to feed a giraffe. *squeal*
We could have actually touched this bird, (a peacock, I think). It was right in front of us and there was nothing to stop us except a fear of bird bites and the possibility of being banned from the zoo for life. The sign with a finger pointing at me says 'These animals BITE." Hehe!


Annabel said...

Great pictures. We went to the zoo about four years ago and loved it. I have pictures of humping turtles.

Are you interested in judging at the Lubbock swing tournament on Dec. 7-8. It would be voluntary for this gig, but thought you might be interested.

I can get you a paid gig in April if you want to judge NFL rounds. It's only $10 a round, but I think they guarantee you $150 if you are available the entire time.

Also, I'll pay your gas again if you want to judge at our tournament in January. Just let me know.

Terroni said...

That does sort of sound like torture...but I'm glad you got to watch!

Last time I was at the zoo, a young monkey came up to the glass and started jacking off with a paper towel roll. I was standing next to a 7 year old boy who thought it was the funniest thing in the world. His parents had to pry him away from the display.