The Airplane Plague

Someone one one of the planes that I flew on last week had the plague, and now I have had the plague for nearly 5 days. The first day, Monday, not so bad. I had a little sore throat in the morning but attributed it to sleeping with my mouth open all night to combat the pre-existing congestion. Tuesday pretty sick, but not sick enough that I wanted to give in and actually go to the doctor. Little cough, little hoarse, not that big of a deal, but by Wednesday and Thursday, it was the full blown plague. I had zero voice, or rather, the voice I had, if I forced myself was either a tiny whisper or a croak to rival broken glass. It was bad enough that finally on Thursday I went to the doctor and waited around for an hour in order to be diagnosed with Laryngitis and Bronchitis. Yeah, it's never enough for me to just have one thing at a time. They gave me a shot of Rocephin and sent me on my way.

If you've never had Rocephin, please know that this is pretty serious business. It is just an antibiotic, but it comes in a gigantic needle and has to be given into a muscle, so my hip was sore for 2 days. In the grocery store about half an hour after my shot (yes I'm Typhoid Mary) I was almost passing out dizzy and tired. (The tiredness is not an actual side effect to Rocephin, but is a side effect of the plague.) Anyway, I haven't posted because I've been sleeping about 14 hours a day and trying to feel better. I thought I would feel better on Friday, and if not, definitely by today, but this has not been the case so far. I have been coughing up lots of interesting things though...gotta keep it entertaining.

Hopefully I will have the pictures from my trip, and the will to live outside of my bed again by Monday and we can continue this happy journey in bloggerland. Until then, drink lots of juice and don't let anyone breathe on you. Especially me.


Amanda said...

Oh no! I hate the plague! I can't believe you got so sick! You poor thing!! Well, I can't wait to see pictures of your trip! And thanks for not breathing on me :)

Andrew said...

Hope you're feeling better now. Can't wait to see the pics of your trip. My brother lives in San Diego and I wish you two could have met! His wife and child are darling!

Terroni said...

I'm half a doctor, so I could probably help you out with half a prescription for that.