Just to make things perfectly clear, these are my jobs in this marriage:

Do the dishes.
Do the laundry.
Make sure the house is tidy.
Check the mail.
Figure out the bills.
Make sure Justin's clothes match when he leaves the house.
Christmas shop.
Decorate (in general as well as for various holidays).
Keep track of people's birthdays.
File things with the insurance companies.

These ARE NOT my jobs:

Mow the lawn.
Take out the trash.
Check the pockets of Justin's pants before putting them in the wash.
Feed the dog.
Program the Tivo.
Go pick up the take out.

In case of illness or injury, occasionally I will take out the trash and occasionally Justin will be in charge of dinner.

Okay. Now this is all in writing and there should be no questions. If I pull a shirt out of the wash covered in the remains of a receipt, Justin IS NOT ALLOWED to say "didn't you check the pockets of my pants?" That is not my job.


Tiffany said...

hahahahahahaha....wait how do you get Justin to do sooo many jobs?

Amanda said...

haha... what a great way to be crystal clear on responsibilities! are these posted somewhere in your house?! :)

by the way, can you email me your address?

Terroni said...

Susan, I am laughing my ass off right now. And by the way, he should also be responsible for evicting spiders from the house and picking funky shit out of drains.