Nothing Interesting

Same old boring stuff. I wish we could find a place in Lubbock with better than decent, remotely affordable sushi. Justin starts back to school in a little over a week. I think he's excited about it. This is his last semester of filler (ie, algebra, speech) before he can move on to the radiology program, but because they only take applications for the program at the end of the spring semester, he's going to have to take one more semester of filler before then anyway. I guess that's all. I really have nothing to say, but it's been awhile so....there ya go.


Amanda said...

I didn't know you liked sushi! I have tried to like fish, but I just can't... and everytime someone says "no, this doesn't even taste like fish! You'll love it!" I get really excited, but then...disappointed because I don't end up liking it. So, I'm jealous that you like fish! :)

Tiffany said...

You could come to A. town to have sushi...just don't tell the families. It will be a covert sushi seaking mission. You know that sushi place B.T. You'll have to wear a costume, in case the "bad guys" stumbles upon the sushi hide out.