Sniff Snort Sneeze

Today is the local "festival" known as Early Settler's Day. I usually get really excited and want to go downtown to watch the parade and eat the junk, and buy some stuff, but this year I'm just totally not motivated. I actually slept through the parade, due to an overdose of Flonase, Claritin, and and alcohol. (Just one drink, nobody panic.) Anyway, none of those things seemed to help the horrible allergy attack that I've been having for the last 3 days. I feel like my whole body is just full of snot. It's not pleasant.

Tonight was supposed to be my last night at my current job, I had actually planned to just not go in, since they didn't accept my two week notice as an actual 2 week notice, thanks to the jerk that took my paperwork, and I'll be considered "not rehire-able" anyway. However, the hospital (and everyone involved in this process) seems to be dragging their feet. They haven't gotten the results of my drug-test and background check back yet, and the HR woman is out of town so I won't know anything 'til Tuesday. I don't want to be potentially jobless, so I've extended my notice by another week and I'll continue slaving away until then. Assuming that everything is clear. If not (which is a possibility), then I'll have to slave away for the crazy deaf people indefinately. (Please note, I don't think all deaf people are crazy, just the ones that I'm dealing with.)

Ugh. I'm actually starting to get really worried about this so everyone think good thoughts or say prayers or whatever your particular kind of help is that everything works out and I can start at a new and wonderful job sometime next week.

Also, for anyone who might be wondering, my TB test was, as predicted, negative. Have to go for another one on Tuesday just to be extra sure.

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Amanda said...

YIKES! I hope everything works out! I'm sure it will though. You know how the summer is...everyone just takes their sweet time :) I will definitely pray that it all speeds up though! And I miss Early Settlers Day! I love that thing!