The Edge

So, I've been on the edge of a nervous breakdown since yesterday afternoon, but I might be feeling a little better now. We found a place to live, it's right next door to my parents house, it's 3 bed, 2 bath and it has not one, but two showers. That beats our current total by... 1 bedroom and 2 bathrooms. I'm still super stressed out about how we're gonna get together enough cash for the deposit, first months rent and the fees to get our tv, electric, etc switched over, but somehow, it will be ok...I hope. I don't think that my poor gritted teeth and soon to be developed stomach ulcer will handle it well if things don't stabilize quickly.

Justin just said "don't look at my computer screen for a minute." I wonder what he's looking at...oh a shark. Good thing I didn't look. Things in the water scare me. Especially things with teeth. Ok I have to go watch Heroes (only 2 episodes left!!) and decompress for a bit.

Oh yeah, I know I'll probably go directly to hell for saying this, but I'm really freakin' glad that Jerry Falwell is finally dead. Maybe Pat Robertson is next in line.

One more thing, I'm really tired of hearing about John Edwards expensive haircut. (Are you reading this Mike Huckabee?) If the only bad thing they can find to say about the guy is that he overpays for a trim, I say move him into the white house this weekend...Maybe he'll send me the left over boxes.

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Summer said...

You made me laugh!